Week 1:

Ways Of Seeing

1972 John Berger
Week 2: Ways Of Seeing Instagram 2014 Ben Davis
Week 3: Some Ideas About Colour 2006  Olafur Eliasson
Week 4: Four American Composers: John Cage  1983 Peter Greenaway
Week 5: Re-sounding Pleasure in Soundscape Studies 2013 Helmi Järviluoma-Mäkelä
Week 6: Doing Things With Voices 2010  Neumark, Gibson, Van Leeuwen
Week 7:  Lynch Debord: About Two Psychogeographies 2009  Denis Wood
Week 8: Uncertain Spaces 2009 Maria Miranda
Week 9: Théorie de la Derive 1958 Guy Debord
Week 10:  Media art: mediality and art generallly  2009 Brogan Bunt


Book The Language of New Media 2001  Lev Manovich
PDF Article Nature, Sound Art and the Sacred 2011  David Dunn
PDF Article 99 Ways To Tell A Story 2005  Matt Madden
Online Article Théorie de la Derive 1958  Guy Debord
Book What Is Media Art Today 2008  Regine Debatty
Article The Work Of Art in The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction 1936  Walter Benjamin


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