This course explores arts practices and concepts across a range of different technologies and media types. Under consideration is perspective, montage, moving image, still image, sound, interaction, spatial environments, immersion and performance.

Blending theoretical and technical approaches, this course promotes thinking through making. This means students learn key concepts and practical skills in the production and analysis of media arts through a creative process of exploration and play.

Assessment is based on the production of – and reflection on – media art works created in response to concepts and themes introduced in the lectures, tutorials and readings. Problem solving both individually and collaboratively is a guiding principle of the delivery of and involvement in this course, as it is across the media industry. Students will be invited to create work for and using their own diversity of devices from mobile phones and laptop computers to musical instruments and game consoles.


The aim is for students to develop the ability to think critically and practically about ways to generate meanings and sensations with media. Additionally, students will be trained in a series of media production tools and techniques allowing them to build skills that are expandable and inter-changeable across the evolving media landscape.